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Everything Amazing Coming to Netflix Before New Years


Between now and the New Year we are inviting you all to throw out those hectic seasonal schedules and make some time on the sofa for the big seasonal binge. Whether you want to catch up on your favourite series or if you are opting for back to back Christmas films, we all know that December is really about curling up with the remote. Let yourself hole up into end of year hibernation as we map out all the best things coming to Netflix before the New Year…


Marriage Story


Noah Baumbach does it again (hopefully), bringing us Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as a couple trying to keep it together even after their divorce. We can expect top-notch performances, an excellent script, and scenes that are sure to make our hearts bleed.




A problematic fave of last year, everyone’s favourite so-called ‘cute’ stalker is back for season 2. Let’s see what Joe will have going on as we cross the country with him in search of his next victim. We aren’t sure if it's going to hold up to scrutiny, but time will tell.


The Witcher


Attempting to fill that Game of Throne’s sized hole in everyone’s heart, Netflix thinks The Witcher will be the answer. An epic fantasy series follows Geralt of Rivia who heads out to kill monsters. We can expect gore, epic adventures, and plenty of political intrigues to raise the stakes.


Austin Powers


If you were a fan of the shagadelic shenanigans of Austin Powers, then you will be chomping at the bit to know the full series of films is hitting Netflix this December. Highly tongue in cheek, Mike Myers will either make you giggle or gag, but it’s a fun and fluffy ride.


Searching for Sugar Man


Music lovers who adore a good indie documentary will be smitten by Searching for Sugar Man. Two superfans go on a hunt to seek out the 70’s musician who seemed to fade into obscurity. The Oscar-winning documentary is highly inspiring and rich in truth.


Mid 90’s


For those who adore coming of age dramas set in the grungy 90’s complete with skateboards, questionable homes, and filled with rough round the edges moments of tender self-discovery, Mid 90’s makes for a magical sharp-shooter and well worth the watch.


The Danish Girl


The biographical memoir of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener follows the beautifully done story of a painters journey as a transgender pioneer. For those who can’t get enough of sweeping historical splendour and are fascinated by the poignant story, The Danish Girl is time well spent.

Which movies and shows will be making your binge list? Share in the comments.




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