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#bossbabe Spotlight: Learning How Women Go Beyond, With Randi Zinn

randi zinn

We had the absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with Randi Zinn of the Going Beyond Movement about what it means to be a woman, how that looks in the modern century, and why she is committed to helping other women step into their power. You'll be able to listen to the entire conversation on Randi's podcast, Going Beyond with Randi Zinn, which we'll link to once it's live. In the meantime, learn how she came into the brand and how she's using it to change the world, one woman at a time.


Where did the idea for your brand come from?

I wouldn’t call it an “idea” that led to the formation of my brand as it has always felt like I’ve followed my gut, my intuition, and the needs of women around me. My personal story has always opened me up to exploring how I can serve other women.

I’ve consistently, through many many iterations personally and professionally, faced the challenge to go beyond my own perceived limits, step forward despite fear, and found the most growth when I got uncomfortable. I realized that these perceived limitations and fears are so common for women and I wanted to create a platform that provided the encouragement, tools, and support for women to “Go Beyond” what might hold us back. Hence The Going Beyond Movement. Every piece of my brand somehow comes back to a desire to serve women as they evolve.


How much time each day do you spend on supporting your mental or emotional health? What does that include?

I’m proud to say that I spend quite a bit of time investing in my mental and emotional health each day. I attempt to meditate each morning (these days it’s with my doggie on my lap as he gnaws on his bone), I move every single day which isn’t just for my physical wellness but literally clears my mind and gives me a sense of optimism, and I have worked closely with my therapist for years. I also read books that further develop my thinking on a variety of levels from mental health topics to spirituality to world perspectives and I find this is good for my overall well-being.


What is your best secret for being productive?

I utilize lists and my calendar like crazy. My kids schedules, my workouts, periods of time for desk work- everything is put in the calendar. Without detailed mapping of what I have going on each day, it would all be a mess!


women support other women

Randi is wearing the Camila Skirt in tie-dye with the classic Kendall Crop Top.


What is your process for following through on ideas?

I always try to collect my ideas, usually on note paper or in the notes app on my phone. The biggest issue for me is forgetting an idea that felt brilliant in the moment. From there, I share my ideas with my close colleagues because it holds me accountable and allows them to contribute their ideas to the vision.


What advice would you give your younger self?

To believe in my capabilities! I’ve doubted my abilities too much and it has held me back. I wish my younger self had more confidence and clarity - but perhaps those are the gifts that simply come with age!


What is your favorite quote and why?

motivational quote

My long time yoga teacher once said, “have a plan for sure, but leave just enough room to be surprised...it might be better than you ever planned.” that’s always stuck with me!


As a female founder, what is unique to your experience that your male counterparts haven't experienced?

I believe I’ve witnessed how women support women. It’s not the way men do it. It’s the way women do it with deep storytelling, emotional opening, support and incredible collaboration. The new paradigm is a more heart-centered, compassion-driven method of productivity and supporting one another’s endeavors. I’ve seen it over and over and it’s inspiring.


Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

I believe everyone has their own version of the entrepreneurial path because everyone has different circumstances, resources, and belief systems. But I do believe there are some common themes that all entrepreneurs must possess: perseverance, passion, communication and boundaries.


What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business? Please explain how.

I pursue partnerships with women and brands whose values are similar to my own!


What are the most common themes that come up for you in your podcast interviews with other women?

Women who connect to spirit as they build professionally and personally, women who build brands and value making an impact on people and planet, women and emotional resilience!


What has been the most difficult aspect of launching your business?

Keeping up with the next platform….and the next one...and the next one. It's hard to feel like you can do it all and do it well. I’ve learned to choose one or two and do it well and not try to keep up, but it can be tough.


In your experience and knowledge, how can the individual woman make the greatest impact for good?

An individual woman can make the most impact by following her gut and starting with that which she can touch. Often women get so overwhelmed by the impact that they think they have to make for it to matter, that they do nothing!

Start with your own home, your own community, that which you can touch, feel, and see. From there, your confidence can build and you will see how you can make an impact both near and far.

What is your favorite book and why?

untamed by glennon doyle

I have way too many books to name just one! A favorite of recent was Untamed by Glennon Doyle because I believe it expressed the shadow experience for so many women and gives voice to how we truly want to live.



randi zinn

Interview with Randi Zinn | Going Beyond Movement

Randi is the founder of The Going Beyond Movement and a mother, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and friend to many. Fascinated by the journey of self-discovery, of building and letting go, and of how the connection between people can transform everything, she created GBM to bring women together to go beyond whatever limitations may be holding them back. 

Follow Randi: Website | Instagram | Podcast 

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