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Hot Vaxxed Summer: The Best Sunday Brunch Places Across the USA

Now we are heading into a hot vaxxed summer, it's the perfect time to celebrate with abandon. Mingling with friends, gossiping over a plate of perfectly poached eggs, and getting boozy with those bottomless brunch cocktails, we deserve all the indulgent weekends we can get after the last year.

Brunch is the most important meal of the day so we say skip out on the dry toast and weak coffee and turn to the bloody mary's and epic brunch dish spreads instead.

From hot brunch spots in LA to southern comforts in Houston, we have the lowdown on the best weekend brunch places that take mid-mornings to a whole new level.

 What's The Best City to Have Brunch?

It's summertime after a year of the most inconvenient pandemic ever and we are desperate to get out for some bottomless mimosas.

So we searched for the most reviewed brunch places in America and chose the most reviewed spots in major cities.

And out of all of the reviews on the internet, these 27 brunch places are what we thought were worth sharing.

We rated the 27 brunch spots in the US based on the general vibe, the dress code, the prices, parking, and the menu. 

Each thing we scored was worth 5 points, with the total score being out of 30. Although not all restaurants got 30/30 (can't please everyone, amiright?), we had some drool-worthy contenders.

 So which city is the best to have brunch??

We've averaged the scores for each city and this is where they stand, in order of best to not-quite-the-best.

  1. San Francisco - 24 / 30
  2. Houston - 24 / 30
  3. New Orleans - 23 / 30
  4. Los Angeles - 22 / 30
  5. NYC - 21 / 30
  6. Chicago - 21 / 30
  7. Miami - 21 / 30
  8. Philly - 21 / 30
  9. Dallas - 21 / 30
  10. Seattle - 20 / 30
  11. Denver - 19 / 30
  12. Memphis - 19 / 30

Most places were deducted points for lousy parking and high price tags. And most places were give high marks for the vibe and the menu.

You tell us: where's the best place to brunch?

Want to know where your city stands? Jump ahead by clicking on your city here:


Best Brunch Spots In Los Angeles

Republique [Score: 23/30]


Location: 624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, 90036
Hours: 8am - 2pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - A soaring, bright, and airy dining room with a rich history (yes, this was Charlie Chaplin's office). The crowd consists of everyone from out of town visitors to chefs on their day off. Staff are chic and friendly and the vibe is every inch the Sunday indulgence we deserve.
  •  Menu options: 4 / 5 - From ricotta toast sweetened with wildflower honey to potato pancakes with smoked salmon, kimchi fried rice, and sweet pastries with granola, whatever your breakfast dreams, you are sure to find it on this wide-ranging menu.
  •  Prices: 3 / 5 - Hefty, your credit card is probably going to take a hit
  •  Dress code: 4 / 5 - We love chic casual, sport your best whimsical dress.
  •  Parking: 4 / 5 - Street parking and valet parking means you can skip the sweaty circling for hours trying to bag a space.
  •  Wait times: 3 / 5 - You will wait in line for a seat but once you have your foot in the door the waiting times are pretty reasonable for how popular this spot is.

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Gjusta [Score: 20/30]


Location: 320 Sunset Ave, Los Angeles, 90291
Hours: 7am - 2:30pm


  •  Vibe: 4 / 5 - it may take some effort getting in but the young hip artsy vibe, the sunny courtyard, and the laid back vibes are exactly what weekend brunch hour is all about.
  •  Menu options: 5 /5 - The food is what everyone comes to Gjusta for. From platters of smoked fish to sweet flaky pastries, you have definitely died and gone to heaven.
  •  Prices: 3 / 5 - It costs to eat cool, although seriously the food is good and you can nibble
  •  Dress code: 4 / 5 - Cool and casual, you do you.
  •  Parking: 2 / 5 - This is LA and there's no valet
  •  Wait times: 2 / 5 - It's going to get frustrating getting in but we promise it's worth it for one of LA's hottest brunch spots.

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The Rose [Score: 22/30]


Location: 220 Rose Ave Corner Main St. and Rose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90291-2568
Hours: 9am-4pm


  • Vibe: 4/5 - The epitome of brunch at Venice Beach, The Rose is big, industrial, and chic and chill in equal measure.
  • Menu options: 4/5 - Oat griddle pancakes, a deliriously creamy carbonara, raw oysters or ceviche, Korean chicken, and beautiful bloody mary’s alongside an impressive brunch cocktail list. This is a no holds barred brunchers brunch.
  • Prices: 3/5 - Expect Californian prices
  • Dress code: 3/5 - It's trendy so you may want to go cool and casual
  • Parking: 3/5 - The valet is really your best option but there are lots close by
  • Wait times: 4/5 - Slick like clockwork, this team knows how to execute brunch.

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Best Brunch Spots In Seattle

RockCreek Seafood and Spirits [Score: 20/30]


Location: 4300 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103-7224
Hours: 9 am-2pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - A sunny patio (if the weather plays nice), smart interior, killer cocktail list, and delicious brunch menu mark this spot on the Seattle foodie scene map. Summers are best when a DJ steps in to turn the vibe up a notch.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - All your brunch faves are dressed to impress. From cinnamon rolls with orange cream to oyster benedict, wild Carolina prawns and delta grind grits.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - A little high but not outrageous and in keeping with the classy vibe.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Sunday swanky
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - street parking only so you may need to search.
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Make a reservation and kick back with truly efficient service.

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Glo’s [Score: 20/30]


Location:1621 East Olive Way, Seattle, Washington, 98102, United States, 206-324-2577
Hours: 7-3pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Full of cheer and with a young hip crowd, Glo's is all about the buzz and is a welcome respite from the swankier Capitol Hill brunch scene.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Brunch favorites adorn this brunch menu with different takes on eggs benefit, omelets, scrambles, epic breakfast sandwich options, and sublime sour cream coffee cake
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Reasonable and worth it.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Gruff and low-key.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Limited to street parking, take a cab or stroll.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Turn up early or outside of peak times and the wait won't be too painful

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Fat's Chicken and Waffles [Score: 20/30]


Location: 2726 E Cherry St, Seattle, Washington, 98122, United States, (206) 602-6863
Hours: 10am-3pm


  • Vibe: 3 / 5 - Boisterous, boozy, and with a family and young clientele kinda mix.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - Southern-style delights and cozy brunch foods bring warmth to the rainy city - we are talking signature buttermilk fried chicken and waffles, a perfect version of the buttermilk biscuit, and all the bottomless mimosa and bloody mary dreams you could wish for.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Good portions, good prices
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Totally unpretentious, roll out of bed and into your fried chicken Sunday brunch dream.
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - Dedicated parking behind Fat's and on the street.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5- Not that long and anyway it's totally worth it.

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Best Brunch Spots NYC

La Mercerie [Score: 19/30]


Location: Roman and Williams Guild, 53 Howard St, New York, 10013
Hours: 10 am - 3:30pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - It's chic, it's French, and its brunch meets an immersive retail experience (beware those breakfast cocktails making it too easy to reach for your wallet and leave with the silverware). The restaurant is Instagram beautiful, the food divine, and you certainly feel like the poster child for living your best life here.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - French flair comes oozing with butter for a truly indulgent brunch. Think croissants with smoked salmon and crepes with Paris ham, crusty bread and creamy fromage’s.
  • Prices: 2 / 5 - Steep especially if you end up splashing out on those fringed flax napkins to take home.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - You won't feel good in ripped jeans here, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - You can park nearby but will cost a pretty penny, take an Uber, and get boozy
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - No complaints

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Jack's Wife Freda [Score: 23 /30]


Location: SOHO, 224 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
Hours: All-day


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Green leather, brass and marble, and a casual classy, homely feel lights up space in this joyful brunch spot. With dishes drenched in color and a mashup of cultural cuisine from the owner's childhood homes, you can deffo get cozy here.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - Cantaloupe mimosa's, green shakshuka, rosewater waffles topped with Lebanese yogurt, and duck bacon and scrambled egg sandwiches - brunch should always be this fresh and bright.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Not too uncomfortable at all!
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Casual, quirky, and cute.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Soho parking options apply so maybe get an Uber
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Get there early, slap your name on the list, and stroll around Soho until your time comes. If you don't get in there's also multiple locations to pick from.

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The Fulton [20/30]


Location:89 South Street, New York, 10038
Hours: 11 am - 3pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Views of the Brooklyn Bridge, a sprawling outdoor patio, and fresh seafood dishes mark The Fulton as one of the most cinematic spots to kickstart your weekend brunch.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - The raw bar is to die for and there's beautiful sashimi and ceviche. For those wanting classic dishes, there are eggs benedict, avocado toast, lobster rolls, and even spicy fried chicken.
  • Prices: 2 / 5 - It's Pier 17 in the Financial District so not affordable every Sunday but good for a treat.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - This is fancy, you will want to dress up in your New York City best.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Can be tricky to find so get a cab
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Its dog eat dog for a terrace spot.

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Best Brunch Spots In Houston

a’Bouzy [Score: 27/30]


Location: 2300 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Hours: 10 am-3 pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Over 250 kinds of champagne gives you a clue as to what the vibe is at this French chic brunch spot with an epic sparkling wine bar. While its classy it's far from stuffy and with a cacophony of popping corks and cheers, you are sure to have fun.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - Seafood, champagne, bagels and lox, and hell - even moules frites if you are feeling extra fabulous. Expect decadent things with the whole menu centered around fizz fantasies.
  • Prices: 5 / 5 - Not that dramatic at all.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Dress for champagne toasting moods
  • Parking: 4 / 5 - Valet parking or pick a side street, nothing to stress about
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Attentive, warm, and welcoming

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Bludorn [Score: 21/30]


Location:807 Taft St, Houston, TX 77019, United States
Hours: weekend brunch hours


  • Vibe: 3 / 5 - New American meets French joie de vivre in the Montrose brunch haunt of Melrose. Breezy interiors bring just the right amount of Sunday morning sex appeal.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Kickstart your beautiful brunch with oysters, move on to foie gras, go Lala for the lobster soft scramble, and bring on that sugar kick with the cinnamon bun skillet.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - A necessary hit for your pocket all in the name of Sunday self-care
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - It's five star fancy but Sunday style so your best casual chic will do.
  • Parking: 4 / 5 - Valet out front, a dedicated lot out back =perfection.
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Minimal, the service is impeccable

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Best Brunch Spots In Dallas

The Rustic [Score: 22/30]


Location: 3656 Howell St, Dallas, TX 75204-3665
Hours: 10 am - 3pm


  • Vibe: 3 / 5 - Indoor / outdoor, live music, farm table fresh, and homestyle cooking makes The Rustic every inch as charming as you could expect. For those craving one of those brunch restaurants that understands the idea of the big easy, this is it.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - This is brunch done family style - expect smoked cheddar creamy grits, cheese and fresh fruit, Nashville style spicy fried chicken, baked eggs, donuts, and carafes of your fave bottomless brunch cocktails.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Highly reasonable. Keep those mimosa coming.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - You can rock up in what you wore the night before and no one will care
  • Parking: 5 / 5 Plentiful
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Ticks like clockwork

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Sixty Vines [Score: 21/30]


Location: 500 Crescent Ct Suite 160, Dallas, TX 75201-1894
Hours: 10 am - 4pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - An upscale brunch with a dedicated mimosa bar and glassy green plant interior that oozes elegant charm. For those weekends when you need something classier than an egg sandwich, the light and airy uptown spot will definitely be a breath of fresh air.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Decadent cured meat and cheese sharing boards, disassembled bagel sandwiches, a breakfast burger of dreams, and brioche French toast smothered in mascarpone whipped cream and lemon curd, not to mention the pure pleasure of a breakfast pizza. This is epic.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - On the high end of the spectrum but not soul-crushing.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Casual with a hint of classy.
  • Parking: 4 / 5 - A nearby garage for ease of access or go valet.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Doesn't test the patience too hard.

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Best Brunch Places In Memphis

The Beauty Shop [Score: 18/30]


Location: 966 Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104
Hours: 11am-2pm


  • Vibe: 3 / 5 - This vintage Beauty Shop turned brunch spot is adorable. They've even kept the hairdressing chairs and it's also where Priscilla Presley used to come for her bouffant beauty styles. It's always bustling on a weekend and when busy sometimes service can feel a little scattered.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - Morning cocktails are magical and zest fresh to give you that Sunday pick-me-up you need. There's a creative take on brunch faves that goes beyond the usual eggs benedict. Expect Challah French Toast, New Orleans BBQ shrimp, and watermelon and wings.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - can vary dramatically according to how many peach mimosas you crave
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Dress in your Sunday best or pull on your jeans and tee
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - No designated parking so you may have to stroll a few blocks
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - You may need to wait for a table unless you rock up early enough

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Sunrise Memphis [Score: 21/30]


Location: 670 Jefferson Ave, Memphis, TN 38105-4912


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Build your own bloody mary, laugh out loud, and have as much fun as you want at Sunrise. On weekends there's live music and a line around the block so you know it's the place to be.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - Hitting all your brunch option hotspots, Sunrise has everything from dirty south biscuit sammies to bi bim and yogi bowls, the classic pancake stack, and the classic cocktail menu. Food is eclectic, delicious, and unpretentious.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Great prices for big portions.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Super casual so wear what you want.
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - This will be your biggest challenge of the whole experience but there's street parking around.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 -The line moves quickly and it's a good vibe.

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Best Brunch Spots In Denver

EL Five [Score: 20/30]


Location: 2930 Umatilla, Denver, CO Fifth Floor, Denver, CO 80211
Hours: 10 am - 2:30pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Sexy as hell, this med style tapas lounge is all glitter and glory. With Denver skyline views and sleep vacation vibes, it's a sultry experience that hits the spot.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - The bottomless mimosa option is the best place to start before loading up on pastry baskets, pintxos tasting, signature chorizo paella, a steak sandwich, Morrocan pancakes, and garlic shrimp.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - A bottomless mimosa for just over twenty bucks. We won't complain about that.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Trendy.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - No more valet parking and the street can be tight on spaces so maybe grab an Uber.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Even if there is a slight wait (not common) the view is totally distracting anyway.

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Beast + Bottle [Score: 19/30]


Location: 4132 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
Hours: From 11 am


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Denver's sleek and modern haunt delivers a beautiful brunch that pays attention to detail surrounded by copper, grey, and black. This is chic comfort food in cozy surroundings.
  • Menu options: 3 / 5 - From biscuits and gravy to burgers and tots, stuffed french toast, and a Sicilian sunrise cocktail to get you going, every brunch item is sure to make you swoon.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - Classic neighborhood fayre costs.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Cool and casual.
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - Street and private parking lots.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 Your blood pressure won't jump at all.

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Best Brunch Spots In San Francisco

Foreign Cinema [Score: 23/30]


Location: 2534 Mission St, San Francisco
Hours: 11am - 3pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Soaring ceilings, vintage cinema vibes, and an impressive wine bar make Foreign Cinema an excellent place to dine surrounded by vintage film posters and vinyl.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - From fun organic fruit pop tarts to bright and zesty big salads, provencale style, picnics, and champagne truffle omelettes, there's a lot to love. The menu changes regularly so there's always something new to try.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - On the high side but it's the bay area.
  • Dress code: 5 / 5 - Romantic but not too dressy.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Pay for the valet.
  • Wait times: 2 / 5 - While the staff is attentive and warm, many reviewers have mentioned long wait times despite making reservations.

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Greens Restaurant [Score: 25/30]


Location: 2 Marina Boulevard, Fort Mason, Building A, San Francisco, CA 94123
Hours: 10.30 - 2:30pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Earthly, sustainable, and with lots of wood everywhere, you will instantly feel your body and spirit saying more please as soon as you enter the door.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - Vegetarians can get a hard rap at brunch with all the steak and eggs sizzling away. But not at Greens. This veggie fresh restaurant serves up small plates of farm-fresh goodies, amazing scrambled eggs, fresh innovative salad plates, and even healthy breakfast pizzas. This is gorgeous green food done right.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - They are up there with the high line.
  • Dress code: 5 / 5 - casual, business, upscale - take your pick.
  • Parking: 4 / 5 - Surprisingly easy for San Fran.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Just turn your eyes to the water views and don't worry about the wait. Reviewers said that they had to wait awhile, even after they've put in an order.

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Best Brunch Spots In Miami

Stiltsville Fish Bar [Score: 20/30]


Location: 1787 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach
Hours: 11am – 4pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - An Instagram worthy venue makes brunch a buzz with its outdoor seating and the freshest fish chilling in a bathtub out front.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Crack into local crab claws, dive into a crab truffle omelet, or load up on strawberry cream stuffed brioche with bourbon maple syrup. There are straight up few restaurants where you can add on a poached lobster to your brunch dish.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - Premium
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Beachy peachy Sunday (Miami) style
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - Right across the street!
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Can be slow but personable

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The Biltmore [Score: 22/30]


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, FL 33134-6339
Hours: 10am- 4pm 


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Sometimes the oldies are the goldies for good reason. Just ask Judy Garland! The Biltmore is the most famous brunch in the whole city and is all about the champagne and caviar. Bring your inner starlet out to play!
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - From continental breakfast boards to truffle taleggio topped with bacon, trios of caviar, salmon tasting platters, and bottomless bellinis, this is the A list of all brunch menus.
  • Prices: 2 / 5 - Eye watering
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Lavish
  • Parking: 4 / 5 - valet all the way
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Can be hit or miss but they do make sure the champagne is flowing.

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Best Brunch Spots In Philly

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen [Score: 21 /30]


Location: 700 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147-3102
Hours: 9am-8pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Gleaming black and white tiles meet sparkling glass and classic New York high profile deli vibes at this Philly institution.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Pile high the pastrami, lose your mind over the lox, and big up the bagels – this is brunch done the timeless Jewish deli way.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - About 17 bucks a sandwich, but they are big and the vibe is right.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Keep it casual.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Paid parking across the street but can be tricky to get a spot.
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Consistently awesome.

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Sabrina’s Café [Score: 21/30]


Location: Multiple
Hours: 8am-4pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - Sabrina’s has been setting the bar when it comes to brunch for the past two decades. While the flagship Italian Market venue has closed, fear not - its popularity has spawned an empire.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Challah French toast powdered to perfection, huevos rancheros, shrimp and grits, grains and eggs, chicken and waffles. It’s a brunch menu for all.
  • Prices: 5 / 5 – Totally reasonable, feel free to eat until you burst.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - Jeans and a tee or your Sunday linen shirt.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Can be tough depending on location.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Worth the wait if you don’t call ahead.

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Best Brunch Spots In New Orleans

 SoBou [Score: 24 /30]


Location: 310 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Hours: 11am – 2pm


  • Vibe: 3 / 5 - legs and eggs and bottomless Bellini’s. This is exactly what you would expect from a New Orleans burlesque brunch. Famed dancer Bella Blue is here to woo the French Quarter with her moves and with a boozy speakeasy vibe, this is sure to feel like a run on from the night before.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - There’s a three-course brunch that covers everything from shrimp to bloody mary’s and sweet potato beignets. There’s banana French toast soaked in brandy milk punch and pork po boys too.
  • Prices: 5 / 5 - Order from the package menu and you are sure to strike a deal.
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Fancy fun.
  • Parking: 5 / 5 - FREE.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Nothing to get hung up about.

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Commanders Palace [Score: 23 /30]


Location: 1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130-5798
Hours: 11am – 2pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - It wouldn’t be a weekend in NOLA without brunching in the Garden District and this OTT Victorian style mansion pulls out all the stops. White gloves, genteel vibes, and jazz with morning cocktails, this is old school New Orleans at its finest.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - Turtle soup, creole gumbo, creole cream cheese stuffed beignets, and crispy duck confit with classic bloody mary’s or rum city coolers, NOLA always knows how to start the day right.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - Pricey but a worthwhile experience
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - There’s a dress code and its business attire.
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - Street parking around.
  • Wait times: 4 / 5 - Always attentive.

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Best Brunch Spots In Chicago

Lula Café [Score: 22 /30]


Location: 2537 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647 
Hours: 9 am – 3pm


  • Vibe: 4 / 5 - An eclectic little haunt that serves up casual and cozy brunch dishes, Lulu’s has forever been the hottest spot for morning dining.
  • Menu options: 5 / 5 - From classic brunch boxes packed to the hilt with burritos to sourdough bagels loaded with everything, candied kumquat scones, and baked French feta plates, Lula’s is all about grazing on imaginative munches while lounging in laidback style.
  • Prices: 3 / 5 - Can be pricey but the food is good!
  • Dress code: 4 / 5 - Always a casual affair at Lula’s.
  • Parking: 3 / 5 - Street parking but plenty of it.
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Can be packed but the staff always do their best.

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Blue Door Farm Stand [Score: 21 /30]


Location: 2010 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614-4314
Hours: 11 am – 4pm


  • Vibe: 5 / 5 - Modern chic meets farmhouse grace in the seasonal and savvy Blue Door Farm Stand. This little gem is all wooden beams, marble counters, and iron chandeliers.
  • Menu options: 4 / 5 - Packed with flavor perfection, the seasonal menu entices with bacon and chevre dressed benedicts, steak and eggs, and jalapeno and cheddar scones with a bright berry jam. The mimosas are also champagne heavy.
  • Prices: 4 / 5 - Reasonable.
  • Dress code: 3 / 5 - It’s not a ripped jeans nor a tuxedo affair.
  • Parking: 2 / 5 - Downtown parking hair tearing may apply (or you could get lucky).
  • Wait times: 3 / 5 - Can be a little slow at busy times but the setting is beautiful and it’s worth the wait.

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