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Amazing Apps That Take the Stress Out of Travel


The age of the female traveller is upon us; now more women than ever are packing their bags and heading out into the world. Whether for city breaks, campervan exploration, relaxing beach breaks or around the world adventures; wander women are now more likely to travel solo than men. There’s no doubt that the rise of modern technology along with a change in social conventions has helped fuel this fabulous spurt in solo female travel.

With phones stashed safely in our pockets, we are better equipped to stay connected and in charge as we step out into the world. For all those adventurous ladies heading out, these amazing apps are sure to help take some of the weight out of travel.


Google Maps

Whether driving or walking, Google Maps is a godsend. Use it to hit the road on the all-American road trip or seek out a secret gem restaurant on a far-flung Greek Island. The best thing is, you don’t always need data or Wi-Fi for it to work as long as you type in your destination while connected.


Park 4 Night


For those sleeping in cars or joining the #vanlife craze, Park 4 Night is a must-have app for your phone. Highlighting all the incredible places across countries, cities and states where you can park up and sleep safely for the night; this is the app you didn’t know you would need. Users share their experiences meaning you can double-check if a park-up is safe and well-populated before you stop.


Google Translate

We’ve all had that hilarious encounter of trying to buy bread in foreign lands and ending up with toothpaste in our hands. But for those who have the glory of Google Translate downloaded on their phone – this problem will be no more. While we will miss the universal art of mime, it is definitely easier to simply type in what we want to say and let google translate change do the hard work. With 100 languages to choose from, say farewell to awkward encounters.


Like a Local


Forget spending hours poring over out of date yelp reviews, Like a Local gives you the inside track on what’s hot in a new spot. Curated by local contributors, the clever little app lets people who actually live in a place share their tips on which places are worth visiting. From restaurants to bars, shops and points of interest, build your trip without succumbing to the dreaded tourist trap.



If like us, on the spot mathematics isn’t your strong suit, then haggling in those Marrakech souks is going to send you in a blind panic. Not when you can whip out your phone and type the numbers into currency conversion app XE. Your own secret weapon, convert any currency on the spot and keep abreast of your spending and splurging – it will save you battling to the death to save a ten-cent argument over that scarf in Hanoi.




An oldie but a goldie, especially for those out on solo travel adventures. The road can be long and hard and sometimes we need to see all those familiar faces to keep us sane. Skype invites you to video or audio call your loved ones back home and its totally free. Update friends and family with your whereabouts, and of course there’s always the pleasure of being able to say, ‘Oh hey, just skyping you from the beach’.

Which apps are changing the way you travel? Share in the comments. 

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