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Alternative Ideas for Cutting Down on Bread


French toast with coffee, cheese and pickle sandwiches, beautifully topped burgers and pizzas – let's face it bread is a beautiful creation. Hands up who eats too much of it. Now, we aren’t here to sandwich shame anyone, we adore bread too – but we also know that there is too much of a good thing and for those who are chomping at the baguette three times a day, bread could be making you sluggish, sleepy, and a prime candidate for a carb coma. On the flip side, you don’t want to totally cut out healthy carbs from your diet as in moderation they provide you with a much-needed boost of energy for your brain, increase serotonin and bring better endurance levels.

For those who want to seek alternatives to the holy slice, we have some alternative ideas for replacing the beloved bread staple in your life…

Eggy Breakfast


If breakfast normally means pancakes or bagels, consider swapping out for eggs. Poached, boiled or scrambled – take your pick. If you normally have toast to mop up your yolk then saltine crackers can provide the right amount of crunch to replace that. Another great alternative is a side dish of sweet potato.


Flourless Fun

If you are aching for pancakes and sweet things, delve into the world of flourless fancies. Pancakes can be whipped up in an instant with bananas and eggs replacing the flour. Sweet-toothed splendour can also be found with an amazing flourless brownie recipe and simply smearing peanut butter on apple slices ensures that you won't go clambering for a PB+J sandwich anytime soon.


Loafless Lunch


Take the bread out of your favourite sandwich and you have an equally amazing salad. Take the tortilla out of your burrito and you have a brilliant burrito bowl. The world is jam-packed with epically filling salads that won’t leave you panging for a panini. If you want to stock your salad out a bit then grilled veggies, avocado, salmon and glorious grains can all bring that extra edge.


Spiralized Supper

Spiralizers are far from the kitsch Christmas present they first appear to be. In fact, a spiralizer can lend a hand in helping you cut down on those carbs – especially when it comes to pasta. Instead of turning to spaghetti, simply pick up a carrot, zucchini or cucumber or any other vegetable you wish and shred it into raw delicious pasta perfect with a dollop of pesto.


Bun-k Off


What’s a burger or wrap without the delicious brioche bun or soft folded tortilla? Next time you sit down to a tasty hummus smeared falafel, burger or bean wrap – why not try skipping the bun in favour of lettuce leaves. Lettuce leaves make an amazing alternative, providing just the perfect level of healthy crunch – it also encourages you to amp up your green intake.

Crusty loaf or chewy pizza - What are your weak spots when it comes to bread? Share your carb crazy tips and techniques in the comments.

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