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All You Need to Know About CBD Oil



CBD oil has been popping up across the world, these little bottles propped up across health stores everywhere, and the market seems to be enjoying a grand scale financial boom. So what the hell is CBD oil anyway and how do you use it to have a positive effect on your life? We have the lowdown on what CBD oil can do for you.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is shorthand for cannabidiol, which is just one of the many natural cannabinoids found in the famed cannabis plant. The chemistry is similar to the THC makeup that people often talk about when it comes to cannabis – aka the chemical structure responsible for that high feeling. But this is where CBD oil is different as it won’t get you high but it will lend itself well to bringing all the therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis without leaving you feeling any form of intoxication.


How is CBD Oil Made?


The flowers and buds of the cannabis plant are plucked before the cannabidiol compound is extracted and mixed with a carrier oil like olive or coconut. This helps your body absorb the oil in a swifter and simpler fashion. You can ingest the oil such as putting a couple of drops on your tongue, you can inhale it, or you can even use it topically.


What Does CBD Oil Do?

While studies as to the benefits of CBD oil are still being ironed out, the research is finding that it can be an amazing antidote to help anxiety, muscle pain, epilepsy, cancer side-effects, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, MS, and depression. CBD oil is brimming with antioxidant properties making it a key player in reducing the effects of age-related, auto-immune, and inflammatory-related diseases.


 What are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?


Most of the studies coming back show that there are very few side-effects for humans using CBD oil. Some patients using CBD oil to manage epilepsy and psychotic disorders reported feeling a little tired, changes in appetite and changes in weight, but compared to other drugs used to treat these ailments it seemed that CBD oil had the fewest and the least severe side-effects.


What to Check Before Buying CBD Oil

Buying CBD oil is legal in the USA as it doesn’t contain any THC, although if you are buying in states or places where medicinal marijuana is not yet approved you cant always be sure of the purity of the CBD oil as this is generally unregulated. It’s super important to do a full check on the company you are considering purchasing your CBD oil from so that you get the good stuff and make sure it’s free from contaminants. Try and seek out brands that deliver all-natural solutions that steer clear from parabens, artificial fragrances and colourings.

Now you have the lowdown on what to look for when it comes to CBD oil what’s your opinion? Have you been using it? What has been your experience? Share in the comments.

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