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7 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Sozy is a Small Business. How small? Only two people are full time including myself. Everyone else is part-time or project-based. Sozy team times are staggered to make sure someone is always available to help.

Sozy was born out of a desire for change. The goal was to create #FashionToBeProudOf. What does that mean? It means guilt-free shopping with each purchase making a difference in the lives of women in need and the world around you. Featuring styles handmade in the USA and a mission to give back.

Do you love Sozy’s mission and want to see us grow? Here’s how to help!

1. Share Sozy with your friends and family!

2. Consider Sozy when buying gifts for loved ones! If clothes are not your usual gift choice we have a wonderful Brand’s We Love collection featuring hundreds of hand-picked items from brands with one or more similar brand values to Sozy.

3. Share Sozy online! If you ever post a photo on social media wearing or using our products make sure to tag @livesozy so other future customers can see it too!

4. Write honest positive reviews for every item you LOVE from your order. Just like you use reviews to make a purchase, so do future customers!

5. Send us all feedback directly! We hope you NEVER have any issues, but if you do we’re here to help. I know venting publicly can be second nature, but unless your goal is to dissuade future customers from ever buying from Sozy, avoid the public vent, and email us instead. We WANT, NEED, & LOVE your feedback!

6. Choose store credit! If you're processing a return and know you will likely purchase something in the near future choose to return for an e-gift card.

7. Like and comment on our social media ads! The more likes and comments an ad gets, the more NEW people get exposed to it. I know, social media ads are weird in that sense, but if you could give us a like and a shout-out when you see a sponsored post, that would be AMAZING!

We are nothing without YOU. Your purchase makes a difference and your voice propels us forward or backwards. We want to make sure Sozy is the best it can be for you! So please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can ever do to improve. We’re one click away at info@livesozy.com

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