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5 Ways You Are Probably Ignoring your Intuition


Intuition is a skill we all have, but maybe you have fallen out of touch with yours. It's easily done. Sometimes it's hard to find your own voice among the noise and besides, turning to a ‘feeling’ isn’t exactly making a decision based on science right, so surely facts and figures lead to better choices?

Far from just a woo-woo word, your intuition is one of your most important tools. It could be a pang in the pit of your stomach, a heaviness in your limbs, an edge of unease, or just a little voice whispering in your ear. Instinct, intuition, a sixth sense, your gut feeling - call it what you will, it all amounts to the same thing; trusting yourself right down to your very core.

Getting back in touch with trusting your intuition may take time and patience but learning to lean on those inner feelings will gift you higher confidence and higher consciousness to yourself. Here are a few surefire signs you may be ignoring your intuition…

You Feel On Edge


If you decide on something but feel like your head and your heart aren’t quite aligned then this could be a sign of ignoring your deepest desires and your intuition. That’s not to say that intuition always leads to harmony. Learn to hear your inner voice and make a note of how it sounds, if its loud and panicked it could be your head trying to force you into a corner whereas your heart or intuitive voice may be calmer and softer. Decisions based on intuition won’t always make us feel good but often they make us feel ‘right’ inside.


You Always Turn to Others


If calling in a choice always means that you turn to someone else for their opinion then you could be playing it safe and not accepting your intuition. Of course, asking opinions is always valid, but making choices based on other people’s thoughts without much input from your own thought trail could mean that you aren’t learning to trust in the power of your own inner voice. Start small, even if you are an indecisive person get into the practice of making your own mini decisions without checking in too often for others advice.


You Are Never Still


If you find yourself constantly dashing from one thought or task to the next, then this could also be a sign that you aren’t taking the time to listen to yourself deeply, because you aren’t providing time and space for thought. Without a second of stillness, it becomes trickier to nurture that intuition. We have a wealth of distractions at our fingertips, from podcasts to Netflix binges and more, but make sure you try and work in a little stillness time for much-needed thoughts to creep in. Maybe turn off the radio while taking a short drive or spend ten minutes in the morning checking in with yourself. Make time for stillness.


You Feel Utterly Lost


Of course, sometimes life throws us into a pit of chaos and we feel completely ungrounded, often without rhyme or reason. But for those who are deeply in touch with their intuition, there is a kind of unshakeable strength that helps them survive. Intuition isn’t just about achieving a calmer state of mind, it can also provide practical ways to problem solve and lends perspective to stop us spiralling into those feelings of confusion and loss.


Your Health is Suffering


Consistently ignoring your intuition can morph into physical ailments. If that gnawing feeling in your stomach goes unanswered, if that being on edge is given space to grow, and if you don’t hear the whispers, then eventually your body will start to call a little louder for attention. Restlessness, poor sleep, anxiety – these could all be signs that you aren’t tapping into that well of intuition.

Learning to untangle your true inner voice from the voice of fear and anxiety is an important step. Your intuition does want you to survive, but it also wants you to grow and thrive.

Where are you on your journey to trusting your intuition? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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