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5 Radical Companies Changing the Way We Menstruate


Women have always had periods but up until now, it seems like the world has only talked about menstruation in a hushed whisper. The curse, the monthlies, a visit from Auntie Flo, and then there’s the period companies themselves; never mentioning the word, using blue liquid to signify the strength of a sanitary towel. This has a huge knock-on effect for culture, but fortunately, society is waking up and companies are starting to recognize the significance of evolving their products to meet a new era. Here are the companies changing the way we menstruate for the better…


The Ruby Cup

Period cups are revolutionizing our world and are set to be a gamechanger when it comes to the conversation of period poverty. Recently found to be a huge low-risk option, the period cup is reusable, long-lasting, and an amazingly cost-effective solution. While there are tons of models out on the market, the ruby cup offers an awesome charitable structure with its one for one commitment. You buy a ruby cup and the company donates one to a girl in East Africa, helping to alleviate the financial stress of buying sanitary products and encouraging her to stay in school.


Thinx Period Pants


If a menstruation cup isn’t for you then perhaps Thinx Period Pants can be an incredible solution. Sanitary products are changing, and we love Thinx Period Pants because they are the first period-proof underwear. If going au natural sounds like a sassy solution but you don’t want to ruin all your clothes, then Thinx works just like regular underwear but each pair of panties holds up to 2 tampons worth. They can, of course, be rewashed and reused. Great for the environment, great for comfort levels, and available in a range of shapes – this is the stylish way to period.



A community interest firm in Bristol UK is touted as being one of the first companies to offer a period policy for its staff. Some women suffer terribly during their periods and this company believes that by simply offering period leave if and when needed, it will work out to make the workplace a healthier and happier place. Major corporate player Nike has also followed suit and here’s hoping that many more workforces take up the mantle in recognizing the struggles that can come with a monthly cycle. Let’s all celebrate the idea of period friendly workspaces!


Bloody Good Period


Far from a luxury, we know period products are a necessity. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to get on board and stock their bathroom cabinets with the things they need to get them through their periods. Bloody Good Period is working to change that. The UK based charity raises means to supply asylum seekers, refugees, drop-in centres and food banks with menstrual products. If you want to support them with the good fight, they have an online shop, they are always seeking volunteers and donations, and for those people across the pond, you can also look at donating to your local food bank or crisis centre.


Period Tracker App

We are starting to pay a little more attention to the fact that our cycles actually leave an imprint on our life. From PMS to wrinkled sleep, sweat-drenched nights, floods of tears, being dragged down by negativity, lethargy and having boundless energy; all these symptoms can co-align with where we are on our cycle. Period tracker apps help to take the guesswork out of things. Not only can you register your physical symptoms, your moods, and your temperature, but these clever little apps will help you document your periods so you can check when you are ovulating, when you expect to feel terrible, and will let you know how regular your cycle is. In an era where we are starting to pay more attention to period health, these apps are invaluable.

What are your favourite period products or what apps or brands have made your monthly cycle a little more bearable? Share with us in the comments.



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