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Incredible Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

benefits of a plant based diet


The benefits of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are becoming more and more prominent in the research being done around the world. The old mindset of needing meat for nutrition, proper diet, and nutrient intake is no longer necessary. With new information, we see that eating a plant-based diet has all the same benefits plus more...

...not only for your body but for the world around you as well!

If you’re thinking of transitioning to a plant-based diet, read below for some of the top benefits to help you along your way.

Types of Plant-Based Diets

People choose plant foods for all different kinds of reasons. For some people, it's all about the ethics of not wanting to consume food that comes from animals. For others, it's about choosing a plant-based diet for health reasons or because their body feels better when they steer clear of meat consumption. There is no one size fits all when it comes to dietary choices. Whether you want to be fully plant-based, fall more in line with vegetarian diets, or just want to welcome more healthy habits into your eating, here are the differences between plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets.

  • Flexitarian: For those who choose a flexitarian diet, this usually means that you generally eat a vegetarian diet but that you also occasionally eat meat or fish or animal products. Sometimes people adopt this kind of diet to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Pescatarian: For those who choose a pescatarian diet, this usually means that you will eat fish or shellfish but avoid other kinds of meat.
  • Vegetarian: For those who choose a vegetarian diet, this usually means that you don't eat meat, fish, shellfish, or products that contribute to animal slaughter. Some vegetarians still consume dairy.
  • Vegan: For those who are on a vegan diet this usually means that you don't consume any kind of animal product. This could be for environmental, ethical, or health reasons.
  • Raw Vegan: For those who choose a raw vegan diet, this usually means that you blend veganism with raw foodism. A raw vegan diet is generally based on eating foods that are free from animal products, raw, and unprocessed.