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5 Easy Destination Inspired Dinners


Craving churros and chocolate in Spain? Longing for seafood linguine in Italy? Feeling tantalized by the idea of Mexican fish tacos? Just because travel is on hold right now doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the world through our other senses. They say that the way to truly get to know a place is through your stomach; to tap into taste, texture, and the culinary tales of a culture. Whether you want to embrace the fiesta spirit or dream of gauzy Greek islands, here are a few simple and sublime destination-inspired dinners to transport you far away even when you are vacationing at home


Mexico- Cauliflower Tacos With Mango


Taqueria stands dot the dreamy shoreline of the Tijuana coastline where the air is thick and the sun drenches the land in warmth. Invoke endless summers as you recreate a healthy vegetarian version of the Mexican mainstay classic with these cauliflower tacos with mango. Grill or breadcrumb and oven bake the cauliflower for a little added crunch before serving on a taco, loaded with mango and red onion slaw, and drizzle with lime fresh avocado cream for a truly bright and satisfying bite. Amp up the peachy beachy spirit by cracking open a cold one or even shaking up stay at home margaritas.


Italy – Tomato and Caper Linguine


Super simple, super fresh, and a fabulous spring or summer dish to eat out on the terrace with a good bottle of wine and warm focaccia bread – this Tomato and Caper Linguine can be whipped up in minutes. Pick fresh linguine or for the real deal, and if you want to fancy it up you can also make your own homemade passata from the best tomatoes you can find. Otherwise, its as simple as a glug of olive oil, 5 small spoons of baby capers, a squeeze of lemon and a generous grating of sharp parmesan to feed your Italian pleasures. Bellissima.


Indonesia – Nasi Goreng


If you have managed to drain your cupboards bare but still want something delicious, comforting and exotic then Indonesia’s national dish of Nasi Goreng is just the delight you need. Making the most of those leftover vegetables and the rest of the lunchtime rice, you can throw together this smoky filling and truly rich dish. It can be a little more labor-intensive than tacos and pasta, but truly every rewarding bite is worth it when you let the treacle-like deliciousness coat your tongue.


Greece – Spinach and Feta Filo


Crackly buttery filo pastry encases the wilted wonder of baby spinach and the salty sea tang of fresh feta in this summery Spinach and Feta Pie from the ancient lands of Greece. Beautifully versatile and light on its feet, you can swap out the spinach for spring sting nettles or any other kind of greenery. Be generous with the butter for that golden crust. Serve with a dollop of tzatziki, a side salad of freshly chopped cucumber and tomato, and even a flatbread or two and nibble meze style all evening while reading Homer.


India – Keralan Fish Curry


Evoke the fragrant shores of Southern India with a steaming bowl of creamy Keralan Fish Curry. Celebrating the treasures of the ocean and the sway of the coconut trees, this heartwarming dish is pure pleasure for the body and the soul. Your choice of firm white fish turns to butter flakes when married with ginger, turmeric, coconut and coriander leaves. Serve with fluffy naan and wholegrain basmati rice for a fresh and filling supper on those rain-streaked spring nights.

Which global recipes are bringing you comfort right now? Share your favorite travel dishes with us in the comments.

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