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10 New Hobbies For the New Year


While we are still feeling our way around this new year, there’s still plenty of time to map out how you want your 2020 to look. Picking up a new hobby can be a healthy way of weaving more pleasure, people and empowerment into your world. Whether it’s something crafty or crazy, sporty or skilled, these are the heartfelt new hobbies to get your juices flowing this year…




If you have been glued to the Netflix binge-worthy show about female wrestlers, then why not get in the ring yourself? Wrestling clubs specifically for women have popped up in the wake of the wonderfully neon-bright show and makes for the perfect active adventure. Whether you choose to go all American or Mexican Lucha Libre in your approach, it’s fun, it will get you fit, and it’s a great excuse to bring leotards back in fashion.


Creative Writing


Poetry, fiction, memoir or the latest fantasy epic that could earn you a gazillion dollars just like Game of Thrones – creative writing is an awesome hobby to pick up. What’s great about creative writing is that you can do it from home if you don’t feel like seeing anyone or you can join a local group if feeling brave and like you want to extend your circle. All you need is a pen, piece of paper and a pinch of imagination.


DIY Dreaming


Fancy a hobby that is wholly useful and will save you tons? How about learning to DIY? Whether it’s a welding class, a woodwork shop, or an introduction to power tools, these are skills that will stay with you for life. Not only will you feel utterly empowered with a drill in hand, but you will also know how to fix that shelf that has been bugging you for months.


Floral Blooming


Dewdrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; if you are seeking a creative, hands-on, nature-inspired craft to keep you going then how about turning to the art of flower arranging? Taming beautiful blooms, curating jaw-dropping displays, and bringing pure grace and gorgeousness to the world is a worthwhile talent to nurture. It can even flow from creative project to elegant enterprise if you find you like it.




As we find out more about the bountiful benefits of good gut health it’s a great time to turn to the science of fermenting. From making your own kombucha or kimchi, or even just pickling some sauerkraut, learning to ferment is fascinating. Rather than going it alone we suggest hitting up some professional masterclasses to learn how to ferment properly.


Book Clubbing


If one of your new year’s resolutions is to start reading more then why not look for a book club in your local area. There’s nothing lovelier than having a group of people who you can sip tea, share cake, and argue loudly over books with. Not only will it inspire you to read more, but book clubs also get you reading out of your comfort zone. If you can’t find one in your local area, then you can always opt for a virtual book club.




While it may sound bizarre to turn an everyday natural act that keeps you alive into a hobby, breathwork is big business. Holotropic breathwork is the latest health craze that is said to cause major shifts both mentally and physically. There’s also the Wim Hoff breathwork and a ton of others in-between. If you are seeking a new spiritual practice then it's definitely worth discovering more about breathwork.




Another hip hobby that could become a highly lucrative career change should you fall in love with coding. We all spend so much time behind our computers anyway, so why not turn it into a viable hobby that tests your problem solving, turns into a transferable skill, and means that you can be a whizz when it comes to websites.




Get your stomp on. Whether it's committing to strolling around your local parks or making a mad dash to the hills, hiking and walking is such an amazing hobby. You can join local hiking groups if you don’t fancy walking alone or just pack a bag and get out there. Connect with nature, get strong, and have plenty of opportunities to soften into the present.




Giving back to your community, helping the homeless, planting gardens, picking up litter, walking stray dogs – there are a hundred ways to help. In the face of a tough world, it can be tricky to feel anything but helpless, but by getting involved in your community and supporting grassroots movements, you could be making all the difference.

Which new hobby will you be adding to your list? Share in the comments.

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